Jesse from Joseph Volpe on Vimeo.   An excerpt from a short documentary of which focuses on Jesse James Quackenbush’s trials with drug addiction, his attempts to reconcile his family, and repair his life. This documentary is part of a longer duration of study surrounding local BMX history of east Tennessee and it’s effects on the often poverty stricken youth… Read more →


Sports Friends Commercial

Created to be shown on the PlayStation Store and Steam game store, this commercial advertises the hit indie games, Sports Friends. I had an amazing experience and great time directing this short film. The games are amazing and our cast was a blast to work with! Check out the games at the links below! Directed by Joseph Volpe… Read more →

Screens cap of Pivot app

Project Pivot: Mobile Application

  The Pivot mobile application is currently under development. The application will use sensors within a  smart phone in conjunction with a Pivot skate module mounted on a skateboard to track tricks performed by the skater. Skaters will be able to share this information and compete against one another based on trick accuracy, location based information, and massive multiplayer style… Read more →


Raiden: wearable bike light

Raiden is a wearable bike light. This project aims to redesign the bike light. By making the light easily detachable we hope to help riders protect their lights from theft. By making the light wearable we also hope to make the light into a fashion accessory that riders will wear but also see as a fashionable attachment on their beloved… Read more →

puppylove logo

Puppy Love

Puppy Love is a mobile application designed to bring dog lovers together, who may be searching for that perfect companionship. This mobile application features elements that allow dog owners to share every fun and loving moment they have with man’s best friend. They’ll be able to map out walks, find cafe’s that are dog friendly, locate pet stores, and easily… Read more →

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 2.05.50 PM

AzR : “Colorways” Official Music Video

This music video was created for artist and musician AzR. The video was produced by  Shoe Box Story Productions. As always, it was a wonderful experience to work with Nathan and Melissa again. The finished product looks amazing and I look forward to working with them in the future.   Directed by Mel Vasquez Cinematography by Joseph Volpe & Nathan… Read more →