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About This Project

Extraction follows the story a military group struggling to survive the occurring zombie infection. Leadership breaks down when they seek to discover a possible cure in an abandoned hospital.

This film was shot on location in Ridgeland SC within a condemned hospital. The hospital had no working electricity. Crews worked around the clock rerouting power and setting up lighting for the shoot. In the end, this film was nominated in the SCADemy awards for Cinematography, Art Direction, and a host of other categories.

Directed by Robb Greene

Cinematography by Joe Volpe


Take Aways :

That photo the left is of me, about to shoot an exterior scene on a closed off street. This is the first short film I officially carried the crew title of Director of Photography. It was great collaborating with the director on this, setting up shots of zombies and various bloody gore practical effects. I learned how to manage a camera crew, work with a key grip and gaffer while juggling my other many set responsibilities.