Eye of the Storm

Film, Short Films
About This Project

Tensions run high between crew members while trying to escape their war torn planet. A freighter captain is forced to choose between the lives of his crew and the risk of being lost in hostile territory. His accompanying officer mutinies and the two struggle for power to control the ship.

This film was created for a Battle Star Galactica Fan Film contest and was hosted on the SyFy website where if finished as a number of runner ups to the winners. There were some very talented entries and I’m happy that we featured on the site alongside all of the great entries.

Director: Rob Green, Dustin Parsons
Director of Photography: Joseph Volpe

Take Aways :

I learned the do’s and don’ts of shooting green screen on this film. This short was shot in one day inside a replica of a 747 commercial jet. Green screen was set up and lit outside of the cockpit windows while all filming took place inside.