February 01, 2013

Design, User Experience
About This Project

Flow is a the first project in a long line of experiments in sports tracking. After moving to NYC, I had a trouble keeping in touch with all my fellow bmx riders that I loved to ride with back home. I felt as if I wasn’t able to remain as close to them because I wasn’t actively participating in the sport physically in the same space as them. Flow was my answer to this. I thought that if I could create a mobile application that could track my bmx data and then use it in a fun way that fit the bmx culture that it might allow to grasp the feeling of riding with my friends and make it easier to remain in touch with them.


How Flow works:

In 2013, I designed flow  to be minimally invasive to the design of a 20 inch bmx bike so it had to be lightweight and small as not to inhibit the rider. Fitting the device to the down tube of bike was a great solution for this, as it’s out of the rider’s way and does not prevent movement of the bike along any of it’s axis or joints.  As you can see, the device is constructed with an Arduino micro, a bluetooth transmitter, a collection of LED’s , and a 6dof IMU sensor. The arduino and IMU collect data such as height and rotation while the bluetooth transmitter sends that information to an Android device.


Material Design : 

The casing for the hardware was placed inside a rubber padding that had a velcro slip to cover it. This design is familiar to bmx riders as pads are often designed this way. It’s lightweight and holds well onto almost any bike, despite variants in design and size. BMX is one of the inherently american sports so covering it with american flag design is not only culturally fitting but also, let’s be honest, is just badass.


If you’d like to learn more about Flow or request the Android code or Arduino code that powers so you can build your own, feel free to contact me!