OpenBCI : Promotional

Commercial, Documentary, Film
About This Project

OpenBCI wants to bring affordable open source brain computer interfaces (BCI) to everybody! The company is founded by a couple of my fellow Parson New School alumns and I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Adam Sahb to direct, edit, and create this promotional video for their kickstarter campaign. Once this company grabbed the media’s attention, this video was featured on Wired and Forbes. ¬†OpenBCI has gather much attention and rightly so, they have many positive intentions with their project, one being to use the massive amount of brain wave data they will be harnessing to help people with brain disorders. This project has so many uplifting and positive applications, it was a pleasure to work on it and to help them move forward with their goals.

This video was shot and edited by Joseph Volpe & Adam Sahb. We used a variety cameras, lighting, and production equipment. It was editing on Adobe premier and after effects.