Film, Short Films
About This Project

Based on William Mastrosimone’s “Sunshine”, this impromptu film was shot in a matter of four hours with my good thespian friends, Sara Harless and Hunter Roberts. It was then edited the following night.  And here began the first Off The Cuff film meet-up.

Director and Editor Joe Volpe
Photographed by Jason Newland

Female player – Sara Harless
Male player – Hunter Roberts

Music by Cinematic Orchestra

Take Aways :

Shooting this film inspired us to start an on going meetup and collaborative with other film makers. At these meet ups we have a preselected script where we then selected crew and cast members at random via a raffle. We then shoot the script in under 6 hours. We call this meet up Off The Cuff.  Our goal with this group is to generate a fun and relaxed method of generated video content quickly while granting filmmakers the freedom to experiment and improvise during the creative process.