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About This Project

For decades a massive over fill drainage pipe in the middle of a lake whose existence has tempted thrill seekers as a secret oasis, has sculpted a sorted history among east coast action sports athletes.  In the words of my fellow filmmaker and collaborator, Bowen Staines, ” If there ever were a crazy, beautiful, historic, unique, and truly, honestly terrifying spot, it’d be the Auburn fullpipe. ” And he is correct,Only small traces of it’s location can be gleaned from blogs and the rumors of locals making it extremely difficult to find.Once we found it, our crew needed to rappel down into a 100ft hole to reach the pipe and then lower our gear down on a makeshift pulley system to begin filming.  The video and images below document our decent into this now rotting playground. This is a short teaser of a longer film we are currently working on which will highlight the full pipes history and it’s impact in the history skateboarding and bmx on the east coast.



How it was made:

So far the film has been shot using a variety of equipment and cameras. Collectively footage was shot on several gopro’s, canon 60d’s, a canon c100, and several mobile phones. Editing was done in adobe premier and adobe after effects.

Shot By : Joe Volpe & Bowen Staines

Edit by : Bowen Staines

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